What We Do

Niche Marketing

Doppler Shift LLC owns a number of websites primarily in the financial niche, but has other web properties in other niches as well.

We also have numerous contacts with other financial bloggers developed since 2004, and have been continuously active in this community.

Market your websites and products through:

  • Display advertisements …
  • Sponsored giveaways …
  • Sponsored social media mentions …
  • Newsletter advertisements …
  • And more … just give us a shout with your ideas!

Website Management

Doppler Shift LLC has operated websites since 2004, and has gained valuable experience that will give you a running start with your web endeavors.

We have extensive experience with WordPress, the most versatile content management system the Web has ever seen.

We can help you with affordable:

  • Website hosting and domain management
  • Website setup
  • Social media setup (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)
  • Website maintenance
  • And more … just give us a shout with your ideas!